Welcome to LOGICA Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping is an essential part of managing your business. Given the task high details and its impact in every aspect of your business, it is essential that it be done in a correct way.

While maintaining your books on a daily basis can be an overwhelming and time-consuming task, Hiring your own staff to handle this for you may not be the most cost effective thing to do.  In this case, bookkeeping service in Los Alamitos can genuinely help you.
Tax efficiency is the backbone of our work, LOGICA’s ultimate aim is to minimize your tax bill as much as we can

LOGICA offers high-quality solutions and cost savings.

Why using LOGICA Services?

LOGICA saves you money in 2 ways.

1- Direct Savings: Cost cutting

Hiring in-house bookkeepers can be expensive. Consider salary, payroll taxes, medical insurance, pension plan contributions, as well as vacation, sick time compensation and lost productivity. Not to mention equipment, supplies, software, and space costs.
With LOGICA you don’t pay for those costs and you get the job done accurately and in a timely manner
Needless to say, you get the peace of mind of not performing these time-consuming operations so you can focus only on what really matters, your business.

2- Indirect Savings: Cash flow and liquidity enhancements.

Increasing the efficiency of your cash flow management can save you a lot of money.
LOGICA enhances cash flow management efficiency by taking care of your billing and invoicing.
Billing; paying vendors on time saves you late payment fees, and more importantly, maintains healthy relationships with your vendors.
Invoicing; sending invoices on time improves your liquidity while freeing up the lengthy time of invoice processing.

Logica’s added value

LOGICA adds an extra layer of insight and analysis to your company financial statements by analyzing your statements to identify trends that can help improve your business.